Switchoff is an extension to help you foster more time away from your screens, to set healthy goals and track how long you spend on the internet.

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The Covid Normal

Since the start of COVID-19, our computer screens have become the place we work, study and hangout. However, the Covid Normal has lead to unhealthy amount of times on our computer screens. This chrome extension is the first step to healthier habits by settings goals and reminding you when you have spent a bit too long on your computer screen.

How does this work?

Switchoff works by

Time Tracking

The best way to break your habit to be online is to realise how much time you spend online.

Limit your time online

Limit your time online in general and on specific websites


Use indepth graphs to give you insights to your web behaviour

Keeping Connected

What really helps this extension stand out above the rest is the ability to connect with friends, and have them check in and keep you accountable to take breaks.

Free Download

Download the latest available version via the button below and unzip to your preferred location (whichever suits you).

In your Chrome browser, navigate to chrome://extensions/ and enable "Developer mode" in the upper right corner of the screen.

Click on the "Load unpacked extension" button in the top left corner of the screen. This will prompt you to select a folder to upload.

Locate your unzipped folder, open the folder labelled "SwitchOff.v1" and click "Select Folder", and you should see the extension next to your URL bar!